Wheels and Wings

June 27, 2008 at 8:10 am (Musings...)

My darling hubby and I meandered up to Ebensburg, PA last night for an evening of frivolity.  “Thunder In The Valley,” a motorcycle rally is held in Johnstown this weekend and Ebensburg has a wing night in conjunction with the rally. 

We had to park about 8 blocks away from the center of town, the lines were TOO long for wings, but the beer and wine coolers were good 🙂 

It was actually great fun — we talked to lots of people, looked at motorcycles, and listened to really loud, really good music. 

Because we are old, our evening ended at 9:30.  Great time, great fun!!





1 Comment

  1. Bo said,

    Mom… you’re pretty cool ‘n all! You have facebook, myspace, a new blog thing… you’re down with the hizzy! But a 9:30 quittin’ time would qualify you for lamooooo!!! hahaha kidding!

    PS… Did you see any revealing wardrobes? You know, the type that bring the wrong kind of attention to the wrong kind of people?

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