My Niece Becky and 911

July 3, 2008 at 9:40 am (Musings...)

I went up to my bed at about 8:45 last night with my “Sundays at Tiffany’s” book by James Patterson.  (I KNOW, Brent, I’m old!!)  I was alone because my darling hubby was golfing.  Of course, the back door was NOT locked… 

After 9:00 p.m. I heard a knock at the door.  I jumped up and looked out the window.  It was an old sports car, silver or gray, with out of state license plates.  The seat was ripped.  The person or persons stayed at the door.  I called my dad and he didn’t answer his phone.  Being the very brave person that I am… I crawled into a closet and  called 911.  The 911 operator was very nice and stayed with me on the phone when, after 10 minutes or so the car left, with one person inside.  The policeman came and he again was very nice.  He checked around the house to make sure that no one was there.  I described the car…  I called my husband to come home. 

The policeman left and a few moments later Danny called… the police had my niece, Rebekah, pulled over… you guessed it… in a silver/gray sports car with Maryland license plates.  She is on leave from the Marines and wanted to stop in to say hi!!  I absolutely didn’t recognize her (it was also dusk…)

I felt like a fool for being so scared, but in hindsight, I did the right thing.  We live in an isolated area and in this day and age I can’t take a chance…

I am so sorry, Becky!!!!  I pray for you every week!!!!  I promise, the next time you come up to see me, I won’t call the police!!

Lessons learned…   1.  Get keys made so I can lock the back door.  2.  Don’t babble the next time I call 911.  3.  Don’t babble when the police officer comes to my door.  4.  Breathe!!  5.  Let Becky in the next time she comes!!


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  1. Sacha said,

    I love this story! Thanks for sharing it : )

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