Coloring Outside the Lines

July 8, 2008 at 7:24 am (Decorative Painting)

I have never been a person to color outside the lines.  I do not take risks, if they REALLY are risks.  I like a plan.  I have OCD (which we’ve already established in my previous posts 🙂 ).  If you looked at my coloring books as I was growing up, they were perfectly colored.

I have been taking decorative painting classes since September 2006.  We are exploring watercolor.  That for me is coloring outside the lines and very difficult for me to do.  Puddling is okay.  Splotches of color are okay.  Liner work IS NOT okay.  I have spent the last two weeks at class mentally stretching myself — and trying not to whine as I stretch!! 

My finished project — not perfect, but not bad for my first foray into this genre of art!!

 I am going to try and paint another one this week — same arrangement, and see if I can’t paint a bit lighter — more lost edges, etc.

I also finished Module piece — Module C, Lesson 6 — Golden Scrolls and Strokes — coloring in the lines if you will and much easier for me to do!!

I know I never will be a real risk taker, and I will always have Plan A,B,C, et al, but I am going to try this watercolor thing again — with a plan — to see if I can continue to stretch myself!!  🙂



  1. libby said,

    Beautiful. I LOVE the water colors. I have never been able to get past my desire for perfection to paint anything! I am too fearful of what it will look like, that I don’t even try. Oh, that, and I am not creative at all! ha.

  2. coloring pages said,

    I like the one in the middle the best. Looks great!

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