My New Washing Machine (Yay!)

July 10, 2008 at 9:27 am (Musings...)

Okay, so I told you earlier how I needed a new washing machine…  $402.75 later… I have a new one!!  No bells and whistles, three wash temperature options.  Delicate cycle and permanent press cycle.  All that I need! 

When I went to the appliance store, I longingly looked at the front loader machines — more than double the price of the one I bought.  The young man asked me how many loads I did a week — 6 to 10 at the most.  He said that the front loader wouldn’t pay for itself with only that many loads.  Who knew??  Of course, I need shoes {{Sacha}} so I really wanted a free washing machine.  Since they don’t fall from the sky, I had to settle for $402.75!!

“Thank you, Lord for my new washing machine.  You don’t know how much I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t bounce a foot across the floor when it spins!  You supply my every need!!”


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  1. libby said,

    I want a front loader too….but the practical side of me always kicks in, and I go for the cheapest, best one I can get (of whatever I am buying). Maybe you can convince Dan to let you spend that “extra” that you saved on a conventional washer on shoes?!!

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