My Happy Place

July 22, 2008 at 4:39 pm (Decorative Painting)

Every Tuesday, I spend three hours at Seymour’s Creative Legacy Studio in Ebensburg, PA.  Some days I am very busy doing, well, mundane stuff, which I don’t mind, because don’t forget, I have OCD and I LOVE TO COUNT!!   I call the Art Studio my “Happy Place!”  I truly love that studio and Paul and Cathy!!

Anyway, today wasn’t a busy day so I took my DVD player and spent 2 hours or so playing in watercolor paint.  I watched the DVD David Jansen, MDA made to accompany his Floral Techniques, Vol 1 book, the watercolor Rose Study.  I am posting a picture to show you my progress.  Remember, this project is incomplete and certainly not perfect!!!!

Watercolor is tricky, because the paper, which is white, is the highlight.  Because in an acrylic painting the highlight is added, I sometimes forget to keep white paper showing (as I did on the center petals).  I am lost and have to step back and ask my mentor, Paul, how to fix them. 

Rose Study

I also was thrilled to recently purchase a signed copy of a book by Nancy C. Hall called The Life & Art of Paul de Longpre.  It is a great reference book!!  


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