Watercolor Rose study

July 24, 2008 at 12:33 pm (Decorative Painting)

I told you in an earlier blog about working on a watercolor from David Jansen, MDA’s book,  Floral Techniques, Vol 1, the watercolor Rose Study a few days ago.  I finished my first version… I am going to try it a second time!!  I had to “scrub” back in the highlights using a stiff drybrush.  I know that IS NOT watercolor protocol, but, hey, I didn’t have any highlights.  The next time I paint it, I am going to try and use a white birthday candle to block out the highlight areas BEFORE I put paint on the paper… {{Sigh}} I am a work in progress!! 

Watercolor Rose Study

Watercolor Rose Study



  1. Dorothy said,

    Hi Melodye, Your rose watercolor is beautiful!
    I hope the white candle resist works for you
    next time you need it.
    Thanks for posting your beauty!

  2. Kim Ervin said,

    I’ve been as frustrated as you about watercolor, but I’m not going to give it up till I can DO IT. I think you’ve done pretty good, I particularly like the bud.

  3. Trena in Naperville said,

    Lovely rose!! Makes me want to practice more. :o)
    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  4. Annette said,

    Hi Melody! I just love this. Was looking for different things on watercolor and found your site. Love the rose!

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