Frosted Flakes and Michael Phelps

August 29, 2008 at 8:40 pm (Musings...)

This is a totally random post but speaks to the power of suggestion. 

A few days after Michael Phelps won his historic 8 gold medals (and yes, I was cheering loudly!!) some silly woman on a talk show (may have been The O’Reilly Factor — with Laura Ingraham as guest host) was saying that Michael Phelps should not be on the Frosted Flakes box because Frosted Flakes has too much sugar.   PU-LEEEZE!!

I am almost 49 years old and the only “treat” my mom and dad usually could afford were “Lucky Charms” and “Frosted Flakes.”  Otherwise we had to eat the dreaded “Shredded Wheat!” 

Anyway, for the last week or so I’ve had “Frosted Flakes” on the brain.  Yesterday I finally succumbed to the mental pressure and bought a box.   It doesn’t have Michael Phelps on the box, but hey… I couldn’t wait.

I had a huge bowl of Frosted Flakes for supper.  It is also very versatile because it tastes great dry, out of the box. 

Frosted Flakes is probably better for me than those circus peanuts…  silly woman!!


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Bartleby’s One Bad Day After Another

August 28, 2008 at 6:50 pm (Musings...)

I used to read a book to my kids about Bartleby, the church mouse.  It was called “Bartleby’s One Bad Day After Another.”  It is the book I sincerely threaten to read to them even though they are young adults, when they have a few bad days in a row.  I know exactly where it is, just in case I have to pull it out and read awhile.  Well, I think I need to read it to my dear husband and me today!! 

Dan was out the door, headed for work when he noticed that the tarp covering his new addition to his shed, sans roof, was unattached.  There was a swimming pool full of water in the middle of the tarp, in the middle of his shed, in the middle of a rainstorm.  He and Brent siphoned off the water and re-attached the tarp.  He missed work today and will probably end up with a cold.

I have been editing a book for Amanda’s bandmate, Nuc Vega about “paradiddles.”  Lest you think I am too extraordinary, 🙂  the book is about 136 pages long and is for drummers.  I worked for about 10 hours last weekend and finished it, sent it back, and found out that our Word versions aren’t compatible.  Who knew?  I took it to my school today and spent another 3 hours re-editing it and saved it wrong on a disk.  I HOPE it is still in the computer tomorrow and that it can be saved correctly. 

I pulled out the Bartleby book…

On Saturday morning, Bartleby had to help his mom.  He frowned so hard that his face hurt.  ‘What’s the matter, Bartleby?’ asked his mother.  ‘I’ve had a yucky week,’ said Bartleby.  ‘One bad day after another.’  ‘What makes you say that, Bartleby?’  ‘First this noisy bird woke me up.  Then my pancake stuck to the ceiling. Then I fell off my bike. Then I broke my fruitsicle.  And I didn’t have any fun last night.’ His mother smiled. ‘Bad things will happen sometimes, Bartleby, Yet God has blessed you with so many good things.’…  …On Sunday, Bartleby sat alone on the hill.  He thought about his bad days.  But he also thought about all the good things that God had given him…  …’God, it’s a beautiful day.’ said Bartleby. ‘And it’s going to be a good week, too!'”

the end

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Do One Thing Different

August 26, 2008 at 2:57 pm (Musings...)

Often, in order to make a BIG change in our life, we must only do one SMALL thing differently.  My incredible friend, Juel, loaned me a book titled “Do One Thing Different” a few years ago.  The premise is that if we wish to make a major adjustment, often one small change in our behavior will affect the change we want.

I am doing many things right.  My prayer life is very active.  My Bible reading is pretty good (considering that a few years ago, I didn’t open it 😦  )  I exercise faithfully, lost 15 pounds.  I eat right…  well… except for the circus peanuts. 

As an aside, the trick is to finish the bag as quickly as possible, thus putting ALL the calories into your system at once — that way you can work them off after the bag is finished!!  Yep, I finished the bag today!!

I have a excellent marriage — for 28 years  — hey, I live with a boy!!  My darling children (young adults) and I get along reasonably well most of the time.

Something, however, that I struggle with is, on the surface, a small thing, but changes my life significantly.  When I come into the house, I can get into the habit of turning on the TV… for company.  The next thing you know, I am sitting down, channel surfing.  Wasting time…  When the Olympics were on, I had an excuse.  Now I don’t have one!!

THAT is my do one thing different… thing I am going to try to change AGAIN!!  The TV is staying off until I get on my eliptical.  I enjoy Judge Judy and The O’Reilly Factor.  Those are going to be my “must see TV.”  Oh, then there’s Nascar and college and pro football!!

Seriously, the TV once again has taken over my life.  It is time to take back control…  Do One Thing Different!!

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When Life Hands You Lemons… Get A Haircut

August 25, 2008 at 6:47 pm (Musings...)

I went and did it!!  My hair is very, very, VERY short!!  It will take me about 3 minutes to style each morning.  It will grow (at the rate of about 1/2″ per month).  Do I like it?? I think I do.  It is too soon to tell.  Ask me in a week! 

(I don’t think “I went and did it” is gramatically correct, but… hey, it’s my blog)

I guess, if I think hard about it, this haircut is in response to all I’ve been going through in the last few months.  I am sure that if I had thought too hard about it, I would not have gotten it cut because it is such a drastic change.  Quite frankly however, the effort it took to style… well… wasn’t worth the effort!!!

I saw my neurologist today.  They are calling the “abnormality” in my brain, a “stable glioma.”  Nothing to mess around with, apparently, because they can grow very rapidly.  If that happens, action will need to be taken, thus the MRI in 6 months.  Glioma has something to do with the “glue” that holds your brain together.  Who knew??  My great neurologist and neurosurgeon are on top of this and I feel comfortable with their “wait and see” attitude.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to change any of my medicine because any new ones may mask symptoms that we need to be watching.  That means that unless the Lord heals me tomorrow, I will continue to struggle with my MS.  {{very, very sad face :-((  }}

I also bought a bag of circus peanuts — all four colors (white, pink, yellow, AND orange)  — there is nothing like a good sugar high to cure all that ails you! In my defense, I have lost 15 pounds… and I did 30 minutes on my eliptical today!!

If I could take a good picture of myself with my haircut, I would, but I always look like a  convict when I try to take my own picture!!!  Just imagine me with short hair —

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I’ve Been Busy

August 23, 2008 at 6:57 pm (Musings...)

I haven’t posted for a few days, but in my very small defense, I’ve been busy!!  I work part time (very part-time – 10-12 hours a week) as an accompanist for our school district.  School starts on Monday so on Tuesday I went back, along with my director (boss) Paul Seymour to ready everything for at least 190 choir students!!!  It is not a small task.  To add insult to injury, the only copy machine in the high school, which I take over for the few days before school starts, broke down!! 

I also am editing a book for my friend, Nuc.  I have never done this before, I don’t know if I’m doing it the right way, but I am 1/3 of the way through the book and hope to finish it by the end of the week.  I was going to go to church tonight, but after editing for 6 hours I couldn’t see!!  My OCD kicked in and I kept saying to myself, “When the next page is done, I will take a break.”  At 2:45 p.m., I realized just how long I had been sitting at the computer!!  If you looked at me right now, my left eye is pointing in a different direction than my right eye — a very nice look, by the way!

I have a hair appointment on Monday.  I am tired of having to fix my hair every morning.  My goal is to be showered, dressed, make-up and hair done in 30 minutes or less.  Think Rhianna or Catherine Herridge (reporter for FOX News)– pixie cut with longer bangs!!  We’ll see how it turns out.  Hey, it’s only hair and it will grow!!

Tomorrow I am going to “sleep until I wake up.”  Then my goal for tomorrow is to finish a few more pages on Nuc’s book and work on my pattern packet for Paul.

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Nothing Is Lacking

August 20, 2008 at 9:05 pm (Musings...)

Where there is faith, there is love.

Where there is love, there is peace.

Where there is peace, there is God

And where there is God, where God is, then nothing is lacking.

No falta nada.

…A Spanish Proverb

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Ordinary Sunday Evening

August 18, 2008 at 8:40 am (Musings...)

I usually like to post profound, funny, artistic things… but you know, most of my life is… well… ordinary…

Last evening, after Dan won his match play match at the golf course and I watched Nascar and practiced painting strokes (we go to church Saturday evenings), I decided to mow the lawn and Dan started working on the addition to his shed.

When it got dark, we put our lawnmower and diesel gas cans in the back of Dan’s old pick-up truck and took a ride.  He filled the gas cans and we went for ice cream — vanilla in a cup for me and butter pecan in a cone for him.  We ate our ice cream, mailed some bills and came home.  My old gal, Tess finished my ice cream — her muzzle covered in vanilla ice cream and her tail wagging!!!  I talked to darling daughter, Amanda for a while.  Dan and I fell asleep while watching the Olympics.

There is peace and contentment in the ordinary —



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My Dad and His Goat

August 16, 2008 at 9:38 am (Memories)

Homer and his Goat

This picture is of my Dad, circa 1946 or so… and his goat.  History is a precious thing that can be so easily lost.  I don’t think I even knew my Dad HAD a goat!

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Practicing Peace

August 15, 2008 at 12:00 pm (Decorative Painting, Musings...)

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  John 14:27

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts… and be thankful.”  Colossians 3:15

I am so thankful that I have these verses to remind me where I need to be.  I don’t think it is a fake peace — born out of wearing rose-colored glasses and looking at life with the old “prosperity” view that if I look positively on something, it will change.  We live in a world full of sin and sickness and our bodies aren’t perfect — we get sick, we make stupid choices, we sin — we can’t change those facts of life…  The commands to let peace rule our hearts and to be thankful aren’t qualified to “when things are going really well, let peace rule your heart and be thankful.” 

Sometimes we need to practice “peace” in spite of our circumstances.  Today I am doing something very important — I’m practicing peace!

I also finished my chippendale clock and worked on my dutch floral.  Pictures of my progress follow…

Chippendale Seminar

Dutch Floral -- still a work in progress!!

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Thou Shalt Not Whine

August 13, 2008 at 10:09 am (Musings...)

Living with a chronic condition creates a difficult balancing act.  On one hand, I feel like crap most of the time.  On the other hand, if I only focus on how I feel… I tend to whine, no one wants to be around me and I still feel like crap! 

If I blogged about the way I physically felt every time I put pen to paper (or keystrokes to cyberspace), none of you would want to read what I had to say, right??  I mean, if we are being honest here… 

One thing I have learned — and this is probably relevant in any situation — is that if I focus on something positive, even it is teeny, tiny, eventually my outlook will turn positive.  Sort of like (Amanda, you KNOW this one), the worse you feel, the better you make yourself look before you leave the house — the ol’ barn thing again!! 

So… I don’t have something that can be “fixed.”  I still have a tumor — just not one they want to take out and make me able to walk better.  My MS is obviously progressing.  Okay.  Deal.  How?? 

First step… fast and pray as planned today.  2…. wax my hairy mustache.  3… color the very gray strands in my hair.  4… exfoliate my skin with a sweet-smelling sugar rub.  5… smile (even though I am alone)  6… take a nap.  7…finish my chippendale clock and post pictures later.  8…find verses with the key word “praise.”  9… Meditate  10… 30 minutes on my eliptical and yoga stretches. 

NO WHINING ALLOWED!!  God IS good.  HIS grace is sufficent, his strength is made perfect in my weakness.  May you be encouraged today to move forward through whatever you are facing!!!

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