Does The Barn Need Painted??

August 10, 2008 at 10:53 am (Musings...)

Me at 25 -- no wrinkles -- make-up on and contacts in -- hair probably colored

Me at 25 -- no wrinkles -- make-up on and contacts in -- hair probably colored

You know you’re either getting really comfortable with your looks, are getting old, or just don’t care when the first thought that pops into your head when getting ready to go somewhere is… can I go without make-up and wear my glasses???

I guess for me it is GREAT personal growth.  In my 20’s, I didn’t step outside the door without make-up on and my contacts in.  Of course, I probably fell into bed at night without washing my face, leaving a smeary mess on my pillow.  I quite frankly don’t remember.  The years my kids were young are a blur to me… 🙂   I do remember that big dark 80’s sunglasses with bright red lipstick was my default look… 

I have certainly made a 180 degree turn on this subject as I’ve moved closer to 50…  However, I think I need to realize that at almost 49 (in September), sometimes the BARN DOES NEED PAINTED!!!!  No, I can’t go to a wedding without a stitch of make-up on and my glasses on (which are crooked from falling asleep with them still on my face).  Yes, it probably is okay to head to the grocery store without make-up and my hair pinned back.  No, going to church probably is a situation where I need to paint up a bit.  Of course, I can hold my Bible high — hide my face, and look very spiritual in the process as I greet people.

{{SIgh}} See, I am spending quite a bit of time today contemplating this very important, life-changing subject.  Dan and Brent are golfing and it is 10:45 a.m. on Sunday…  I think I’m crawling back into bed!!    I don’t have to put make-up on to do that!!



  1. kristinschaub said,

    My mom was always a big “don’t leave the house without makeup and hair done” type person. It was a big shock to her when I came back to college and would want to run to Target in my pajamas! 🙂 I think guys get the good end of the deal…they never have to worry about this stuff.

  2. libby said,

    hahahahaha. You are SO funny. I am only in my 20’s and trying to stretch the no makeup thing. I’ve managed to go to the gym without it (duh), and Wal-Mart, because who cares what a few rednecks think, and sadly, I’ve even gone to my part-time job without it. Eek. I probably scared them!

    Praying for you today.

  3. Amanda said,

    um… Momma… I think you are admitting that you sleep with your glasses on. Now I know where I get it ; )

    Love you more than you know.

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