Thank you for your Prayers!!

August 12, 2008 at 3:05 pm (Musings...)

I had my appointment with Dr. Bowles, my neurosurgeon.  He said that the tumor is small — it may even be an active spot of multiple sclerosis in my brain.  He doesn’t want to do anything invasive right now because… well… invasive, brain — don’t go well together (my paraphrase!!)  I will have another MRI in 6 months to track its progress. 

Unfortunately, that means that my very acute, debilitating symptoms are most likely a progression of my multiple sclerosis — that IS NOT GOOD!!  I have an appointment with my neurologist in two weeks.  I am trying to be positive and proactive with my body.  That is the key when fighting something chronic.   I continue to crawl on my eliptical each day, do yoga stretches, take naps, try to think positive thoughts at least 80% of the time, keep my weight down (I have lost 17 pounds), make sure my supply of chocolate is well-stocked, and pray, pray, pray.

If I am discouraged, the Lord cannot use me.  Since I want to grow up to be a prayer warrior, I must buck up and face this head-on.  At least I won’t have to get my head shaved… 🙂  I really am thinking about getting a short, pixie cut anyway — it would just be easier to fix each day!!!



  1. libby said,

    Thank you for the update. I will continue to pray that you find daily strength and grace through our Savior.

  2. Kristin said,

    I’ll continue praying for you as well!

  3. Gail said,

    I somehow found this, maybe because Amanda was sharing with Hyla some of your health concerns. I am praying for you. that God would do bigger things than the doctors could even dream of. I would love to reconnect. So very much has happened since I left Johnstown 10 years (can you believe 10) ago. I’m sure there are a million things we both need to catch up on.

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