My Dad and His Goat

August 16, 2008 at 9:38 am (Memories)

Homer and his Goat

This picture is of my Dad, circa 1946 or so… and his goat.  History is a precious thing that can be so easily lost.  I don’t think I even knew my Dad HAD a goat!



  1. libby said,

    that’s great! I can see cuddling with a dog…but a goat?! can’t imagine my kids doing that now a days, haha.

  2. Amanda said,

    ah I love it. So pappap… gentle and loving

  3. Carol Olivieri said,

    That’s a great picture!
    I am not surprised to learn that Homer liked goats – Jim, also, had goats when he was little and it’s the one subject from his childhood that still makes him smile when he talks about it …… Homer and Jim are kindred spirits, I think…
    Thanks for giving me another reason to smile today, Melodye!
    Love, Carol

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