Ordinary Sunday Evening

August 18, 2008 at 8:40 am (Musings...)

I usually like to post profound, funny, artistic things… but you know, most of my life is… well… ordinary…

Last evening, after Dan won his match play match at the golf course and I watched Nascar and practiced painting strokes (we go to church Saturday evenings), I decided to mow the lawn and Dan started working on the addition to his shed.

When it got dark, we put our lawnmower and diesel gas cans in the back of Dan’s old pick-up truck and took a ride.  He filled the gas cans and we went for ice cream — vanilla in a cup for me and butter pecan in a cone for him.  We ate our ice cream, mailed some bills and came home.  My old gal, Tess finished my ice cream — her muzzle covered in vanilla ice cream and her tail wagging!!!  I talked to darling daughter, Amanda for a while.  Dan and I fell asleep while watching the Olympics.

There is peace and contentment in the ordinary —




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