When Life Hands You Lemons… Get A Haircut

August 25, 2008 at 6:47 pm (Musings...)

I went and did it!!  My hair is very, very, VERY short!!  It will take me about 3 minutes to style each morning.  It will grow (at the rate of about 1/2″ per month).  Do I like it?? I think I do.  It is too soon to tell.  Ask me in a week! 

(I don’t think “I went and did it” is gramatically correct, but… hey, it’s my blog)

I guess, if I think hard about it, this haircut is in response to all I’ve been going through in the last few months.  I am sure that if I had thought too hard about it, I would not have gotten it cut because it is such a drastic change.  Quite frankly however, the effort it took to style… well… wasn’t worth the effort!!!

I saw my neurologist today.  They are calling the “abnormality” in my brain, a “stable glioma.”  Nothing to mess around with, apparently, because they can grow very rapidly.  If that happens, action will need to be taken, thus the MRI in 6 months.  Glioma has something to do with the “glue” that holds your brain together.  Who knew??  My great neurologist and neurosurgeon are on top of this and I feel comfortable with their “wait and see” attitude.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to change any of my medicine because any new ones may mask symptoms that we need to be watching.  That means that unless the Lord heals me tomorrow, I will continue to struggle with my MS.  {{very, very sad face :-((  }}

I also bought a bag of circus peanuts — all four colors (white, pink, yellow, AND orange)  — there is nothing like a good sugar high to cure all that ails you! In my defense, I have lost 15 pounds… and I did 30 minutes on my eliptical today!!

If I could take a good picture of myself with my haircut, I would, but I always look like a  convict when I try to take my own picture!!!  Just imagine me with short hair —


1 Comment

  1. kristinschaub said,

    Congratulations on the haircut!! You should give your husband the camera and have him catch a candid shot of you so we can see it!

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