Do One Thing Different

August 26, 2008 at 2:57 pm (Musings...)

Often, in order to make a BIG change in our life, we must only do one SMALL thing differently.  My incredible friend, Juel, loaned me a book titled “Do One Thing Different” a few years ago.  The premise is that if we wish to make a major adjustment, often one small change in our behavior will affect the change we want.

I am doing many things right.  My prayer life is very active.  My Bible reading is pretty good (considering that a few years ago, I didn’t open it 😦  )  I exercise faithfully, lost 15 pounds.  I eat right…  well… except for the circus peanuts. 

As an aside, the trick is to finish the bag as quickly as possible, thus putting ALL the calories into your system at once — that way you can work them off after the bag is finished!!  Yep, I finished the bag today!!

I have a excellent marriage — for 28 years  — hey, I live with a boy!!  My darling children (young adults) and I get along reasonably well most of the time.

Something, however, that I struggle with is, on the surface, a small thing, but changes my life significantly.  When I come into the house, I can get into the habit of turning on the TV… for company.  The next thing you know, I am sitting down, channel surfing.  Wasting time…  When the Olympics were on, I had an excuse.  Now I don’t have one!!

THAT is my do one thing different… thing I am going to try to change AGAIN!!  The TV is staying off until I get on my eliptical.  I enjoy Judge Judy and The O’Reilly Factor.  Those are going to be my “must see TV.”  Oh, then there’s Nascar and college and pro football!!

Seriously, the TV once again has taken over my life.  It is time to take back control…  Do One Thing Different!!


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  1. Trena in Naperville said,

    What an insightful message! I do the same thing – turn on the TV for company! And, I have found myself surfing, and reading the guide, and surfing… and then thinking, “man, I’ve been siting here for an hour!” You are so right….make small changes in your life, one at a time and get to where you want to be!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

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