Bartleby’s One Bad Day After Another

August 28, 2008 at 6:50 pm (Musings...)

I used to read a book to my kids about Bartleby, the church mouse.  It was called “Bartleby’s One Bad Day After Another.”  It is the book I sincerely threaten to read to them even though they are young adults, when they have a few bad days in a row.  I know exactly where it is, just in case I have to pull it out and read awhile.  Well, I think I need to read it to my dear husband and me today!! 

Dan was out the door, headed for work when he noticed that the tarp covering his new addition to his shed, sans roof, was unattached.  There was a swimming pool full of water in the middle of the tarp, in the middle of his shed, in the middle of a rainstorm.  He and Brent siphoned off the water and re-attached the tarp.  He missed work today and will probably end up with a cold.

I have been editing a book for Amanda’s bandmate, Nuc Vega about “paradiddles.”  Lest you think I am too extraordinary, 🙂  the book is about 136 pages long and is for drummers.  I worked for about 10 hours last weekend and finished it, sent it back, and found out that our Word versions aren’t compatible.  Who knew?  I took it to my school today and spent another 3 hours re-editing it and saved it wrong on a disk.  I HOPE it is still in the computer tomorrow and that it can be saved correctly. 

I pulled out the Bartleby book…

On Saturday morning, Bartleby had to help his mom.  He frowned so hard that his face hurt.  ‘What’s the matter, Bartleby?’ asked his mother.  ‘I’ve had a yucky week,’ said Bartleby.  ‘One bad day after another.’  ‘What makes you say that, Bartleby?’  ‘First this noisy bird woke me up.  Then my pancake stuck to the ceiling. Then I fell off my bike. Then I broke my fruitsicle.  And I didn’t have any fun last night.’ His mother smiled. ‘Bad things will happen sometimes, Bartleby, Yet God has blessed you with so many good things.’…  …On Sunday, Bartleby sat alone on the hill.  He thought about his bad days.  But he also thought about all the good things that God had given him…  …’God, it’s a beautiful day.’ said Bartleby. ‘And it’s going to be a good week, too!'”

the end



  1. Amanda said,

    I wish we could find this book again!!!


  2. Dianne Hart said,

    Mel, I really enjoy reading your posts…you always lift my spirits each time I visit your blog. thank you. You are a real JOY!
    God Bless

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