A Sound Mind {{HAH!}}

September 3, 2008 at 12:42 pm (Decorative Painting, Musings...)

I have finished my box of Frosted Flakes and have no circus peanuts left.  I NEED SUGAR!!!

Seriously, I am off today (Thanks, Paul for accommodating me — 3 days a week!).  I am in my beautiful sunny house, with my dog and cat.  Supper is planned, floors are swept, but yet I feel a spirit of discontentment.  I think it is rooted in fear.  Fear for my physical future, fear for my children’s choices, etc.  I talk a good talk and put up a good “faCade” (with a hard C), but sometimes… {{Sigh}}  I can’t explain the whys of it, I only know that this spirit CAN paralyze me.  That is when I must go to the Word of God.  I like this verse best from the KJV

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  2 Timothy 1:7

I will move forward today — probably a few steps sideways and backwards, but my choice is to move ahead!! 

Summertime Blessings

Summertime Blessings


I designed this for Miss Marsha, who is battling breast cancer.  She is in my prayers today!!



  1. Amanda Olsavsky said,

    Mom, I love you so much

  2. Dianne Hart said,

    You inspire me so much Melodye! I have been depressed for several days and can’t seem to function except to go through e-mails periodically..and whenever I see your name on list or read your post or blog….I am so inspired! I don’t have the MS you are dealing with..which is very much a life changing thing in your life..but you are so eloquent in your choice of words and expressions that I am always in awe…you are a wonderful person I know…and I hope to meet you one day. Tonight, a friend shared this with me and it helped me in some of my fears… she told me to remember that only God know the number of our days and that we must trust in Him…and He will keep us in the fold of His arms…which also reminded me that fear is the devil working on us…so don’t let that snake get a hold on you! You are a wonderful child of God…and you are perfect! and you are loved!
    Luv ya!

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