Happy Birthday to Me

September 7, 2008 at 7:53 pm (Memories, Musings...)

I turned 49 today.  My mom made me a plate of fudge.  Remember how in the last post I told you I hoped there is chocolate in heaven??  I’m not so sure today… my tummy hurts from too much fudge!! 

I thought I would take the time and scan some pictures of me through my almost five decades {{Gasp!!}}  I think my darling children will especially appreciate seeing these pictures of me!!!  I am looking forward the next 49 years!!

1960-Daddy and Me

6 months old - 1960

6 months old - 1960





1963 or 1964

Cousins Bethie, Chip, Me and Sister Susan, probably in 1963







Second Grade, 1966

Six Years Old - 1965


10 years old -- 1969

10 years old -- 1969

Senior Picture 1976-1977

Senior Picture 1976-1977









  1. Amanda said,

    Hey momma, I love the picture of you and Pappap. He looks so young (jerry-curl and all). Also, cousin Bethie is cute and you, as always, perfectly posed.

    I love you more than I can express.


  2. zz said,

    Wish we all aged so beautifully. You’re quite the looker. But tell me, why do parents insist on cutting their girls bangs way, way up high,nearly to the hairline? It’s not just a “back then” habit, either, unfortunately. Girls at church in 2008 are still chopped a good 2 inches above the brow. I did it to my girl. ONCE!

  3. kristinschaub said,

    I LOVE the pictures and the progression of hairstyles!! And I agree with AJ…your dad looks very young in that picture! And I also enjoyed your cousin Bethie too! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pictures of you at 98 still stylin’ it up! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  4. Gail said,

    I was never sure how much Amanda looked like you until I saw your senior picture. WOW…quite the resemblance. I knew you back then and personally I don’t think either of have changed too much through the years. Let’s pray we look young at 90.. You are still 6 years younger than me. I will be — in about 7 weeks….you do the math.

  5. Sacha said,

    Gorgeous as always!!!

  6. libby said,

    I LOVE the big glasses 😉 Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!! Much love prayed your way.

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