The Mozart Effect and My 49-Year-Old Brain

September 26, 2008 at 11:06 pm (Musings...)

I have taken piano lessons since I was 8.  I learned to play by ear when I was 18.  When I developed MS in 1990, one of the first things that was affected was my piano playing.  In 1996 I started to accompany our high school choir (at that time 100 students, now it is 190-220 students, 100 boys!).  One of my neurologists theorizes that I re-taught myself how to play the piano because there are many pathways from the brain and when one is blocked, sometimes you can find another one.

All that to say this 🙂   I have charted chords for songs for at least 30 years.  In the past 8 years, though I haven’t done much.  My “reason” (darling Amanda) was at college reading books and running up library fines!!!  I sometimes figure out a song for kids at school who want to sing solos. (Tab charts on the Internet are wonderful, but not all songs have a tab!) It has been a long time since I have charted a song for… me!!

Gone Away,” a song written by Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway and covered in 1970 by Roberta Flack is also covered by Queen Latifah on her “Travelin’ Light” CD.  I found myself singing at the top of my lungs to that song and realized that I wanted to play it… alas… no chords, no book, no nothing. 

I spent yesterday figuring out the chords… I almost have it.  Now I am practicing it for… myself!!  No concert, no performance, but I have had a fabulous time using that part of my brain that has gone unused for some time and for a long time not for my own musical pleasure!  It is in the key of Eb with a few augmented chords (thanks Amanda!!) along the way.

If I took an IQ test today, I would be smarter than I was yesterday!  I always told my kids I knew their IQ and mine and I was WAAAAYYY smarter than they were.  That was usually in conjunction with the statement “I own the air you breathe!”  But I digress…

I am also busy painting and designing.  Pictures will come when I have a project completed!!


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  1. big-piano said,

    If i was skeptical about the contents of this article about The Mozart Effect and My 49-Year-Old Brain, i must has been amazed with the article and the quality of it and it goes without saying that i would surely like to end it.

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