“Behaving” My Way Out Of A Funk

October 1, 2008 at 2:37 pm (Musings...)

I am struggling today.  Not from anything physical, but having everything to do with my wonderful brain.  I have OCD.  When I am obsessing about something, it usually paralyzes me in every way.  I walk in circles, do not sleep, can’t get anything accomplished.  AFTER the obsession is passed, I have a day or two of complete and utter exhaustion; again, physically and mentally.  I get into a funk that seems so deep I can’t see the sky!!  {{Sigh!!!  DEEP BREATH}}

I could read the Bartleby book, but that only works when problems come from without — this is an inner problem.  I can recite Scripture verses until I’m weary of trying to remember verses.  I can confess and petition the Lord for help!!  He promises to be my portion and a very help in times of trouble.  I claim that today, but…  {{Another Sigh!!}}

The solution is simply “behaving” my way out of it!!  For me, pragmatist that I am, that means making a list of everything I need/want to do.  I do mean EVERYTHING!!! (except breathing and eating… I can do that fine without a list!)  I set a timer for 45 minutes (15 minutes break)  and start at number one.  For you to understand, I am going to be very transparent and give you my list for today, October 1, 2008… in a few minutes since my 15 minutes are up 🙂

  1. 30 minutes — Eliptical
  2. Pay Bills
  3. Bake pumpkin Pies (in oven now)
  4. Sweep downstairs
  5. Take garbage down for garbage pick up (ready to go down)
  6. Work on Devotional (I am not finished with it, but I spent about 1/2 hour on it)
  7. Laundry (Including Tess’s blankets) — last load is in!!
  8. Spaghetti for supper
  9. Sew a bit on my pink blouse
  10. Paint class piece and work on abstract

John Legend’s Lifted Up is on the CD player and I am taking another break.  As you can see, I’ve accomplished quite a bit and the endorphins are firing once again!!  I need to make myself a late lunch and get supper ready.  Moving forward!!!!!


1 Comment

  1. libby said,

    praying for you today!!!!! Love you and miss you. Hope to see you next weekend!

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