A New Home Church

November 15, 2008 at 4:46 pm (Musings...)

To be a successful blogger (rhymes with “slogger” I guess!) one must be a bit transparent.  I imagine those of you who read this would not be so inclined to read if you felt everything I wrote about wasn’t a true representation of my life!  If I could do that, I would be a successful fiction writer!  That being said, I want to be careful how I word this blog.

I have known the Lord since I was 5.  I remember Mom leading me to the Lord in our little house in Telford, PA.  When we moved back to western PA in 1969, we attended Pike GBC as a family.  I grew up going to SMM, youth group (playing 4-square), competing in NAC, going to youth conference, Reverend Gartland, Pastor Koontz, Mrs. Koontz, my first piano teacher.  When Danny and I had Amanda and Brent, except for about a year of attending another Grace Brethren Church and for the years we sang on Sunday’s, Pike has been our home church. 

Circumstances came about at our church, which still sadden me to think about, concerning how the leadership handled the “leader.”  We had weathered many storms but stayed the course at Pike.  We voiced our concerns and felt helpless as another leader took power (the way we saw it) with no one standing up to him.  I don’t know if we were just weary at the thought of working through yet another crisis, but Dan and I stopped going. 

Problem was, we stopped going to church all together!  Our kids were young adults and didn’t need us to drive them anymore.   Long story short 🙂

In April 2007 God spoke to Danny and I separately in the same week about the same church.  We started attending Emmanuel Baptist Church — cautiously.  I kept saying to my darling hubby, if I die, just have Uncle Harley do the service at the funeral home and cremate me and bury me by the house.  I know that is morbid, but my reality!!!  The truth was, I wanted to belong somewhere.  I NEEDED to belong somewhere.

Today I attended a membership class led by Pastor Dave Streets, who incidently attended Grace College at the same time I did.  I learned why EBC believes what they believe and the truths from God’s Word to back up what they believe.  Everything fell into place for me.  I can belong to EBC!  I was baptized as a teenager at Pike and don’t need to be re-baptized.  In a few short weeks I will join the second church in my life!   I hope to get involved in the music ministry, but if not, I am studying to write a short daily Bible study blog for young mothers.   That ministry I can do from my living room!

God Is Good, All The Time.  All The Time, God Is Good.



  1. Sacha said,

    that’s great momma o!!!

  2. Gail Mace said,

    I share your journey…..You know I was burnt by the situation at Pike also….came to Ohio and just did not feel like I belonged….Intially we went to the church Michael had gone to as a teenager…the place where he found the Lord and Grace College, but we were not happy there. We eventually moved on to another church that preached the word, but had some doctrine that I could not accept…(they lacked a belief in eternal salvation)….so we began to attend a Grace Brethren Church…which I joined, and I had some great ministry opportunity there. It is a great church that preaches the word, but very very contemporary and young….I began to feel like a fish out of water. Michael had been worshipping at a large church…we agreed to do this….I was afraid of the large church, but I began feeling this tug to go there…..well finally last September I began singing in their Christmas choir…they do an amazing concert…150 voice choir with an orchestra…great music. Well while I was going to practice the Lord began drawing me to attend there….the draw was so strong that I began feeling very restless and discontent at Grace Church…I told my pastor what was going on and he said I indeed need to join my husband and follow the Lord’s lead. Long story short…I did and I felt at home almost immediately. I have slowing been getting involved and we are going to take the membership classes right after the holidays…it is a series of 3.

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