Love In Every Stitch

November 25, 2008 at 6:54 pm (Memories, Sewing Projects)

It is never my intention to embarass my children so I have never released (nor have I taken) naked pictures of them as babies.  I think I have pictures with strategically-placed towels, but…  I want them to talk to me. 

However, I will at times post pictures that they may remember or they may wish they DIDN’T remember! 

Halloween was never a big deal at our house as far as decorating went, but I always went all out when it came to their costumes for the Jackson Township Halloween Parade.  My two favorite costumes probably took over 100 hours of sewing labor on my part.  What Amanda and Brent never realized was just how much love was sewed into each costume.  I still have both in my attic.  Every time I declutter, I pause at the boxes…

"Rainbow Bright"

"Rainbow Bright"

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle"

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle"



  1. Amanda Olsavsky said,

    this was my FAVORITE costume!!!

  2. kristinschaub said,

    I LOVE the Rainbow Bright!! Very talented! I was just telling my mom the other day how I see very few homemade costumes anymore, they are all store-bought. I miss seeing the creativity in the costumes!

  3. Amanda Olsavsky said,

    (you have requests for the peanut butter fudge recipe)… love you!!!

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