Claude Hopper

December 2, 2008 at 6:20 pm (Memories, Musings...)

My sisters and I have been singing since we were we little.  We had a singing group called The Christian Diplomats.  We sang as a group from 1979 until about 1986 or so.  Then life got in the way 🙂


John Lythgoe, Deb, Me, Sue, Mom, Dad~~Me, Mom, Heather, Sue, Dad

When we sang, there was a group called “The Hopper Brothers And Connie.”  Now they are just called “The Hoppers.”  The bass singer’s (and Connie’s husband, I think) name was Claude and he had the most beautiful smile.  He smiled the whole time he sang, the whole time he greeted people… quite frankly we never saw him without the smile. 

I can’t remember how our phrase originated, but I suppose it was during a time we were singing and were crabby.  Someone said, “Just Claude Hopper it.”  That was our cue to smile 🙂

“Claude Hopper” as the expression morphed to become, has filtered through my life.  Most of you who know me well will have heard me say, “Claude Hopper,” as I paste on a smile.

Today, Paul Seymour and I were scurrying though the day, dealing with hyper kids and concerts in two weeks.  At 2:07 p.m. as I wearily trudged back to rehearsal, Paul looked at me and said, “Claude Hopper!”  My smile was already forming!!!

So, with no disrespect to Claude Hopper, actually with great respect for that beautiful smile, when you are feeling like you don’t want to smile, just think…  “Claude Hopper!”  🙂


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  1. libby said,

    Seriously, “claude hopper” has gotten me through many unpleasant situations!!! Your key phrase has helped me paste on that smile when I am frowning inside! =)

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