Editing Christmas

December 12, 2008 at 9:05 pm (Musings...)

Christmas has always been very important in our family.  Dan and his brothers go for trees — and spend a day together.  We have a big Christmas Eve dinner at Danny’s Mom’s house.  I think last year there were 50 people.  The tradition is so cool — we eat 12 dishes, no meat, all traditional Slovac dishes.  Perogies, muchunka, sour soup, cooked mushrooms and many more great dishes!  The men wash the dishes after the meal.  Our tree is usually 10-12 feet high and it is decorated with ornaments collected in our 28 years together.    We have a village under the tree with a train. 



For years I tried to be Mrs. Christmas Diva!  I would bake 20 different kinds of cookies, make fresh pine wreaths, make fresh cinnamon/clove ornaments,  write 100 Christmas cards, shop till I dropped…  and I usually dropped! 

I have slowly edited what is important.  I bake three things, apricot roll, pumpkin roll and nut roll.  I write 50 Christmas cards.  I shop 2 or 3 times only.  I listen to Christmas music and relax and watch the snow fall.   Once my concerts are over, I enjoy the season.   I have only shopped once so far this year and Danny is going with me the next time (I will probably need a wheelchair.)  😦

Christmas is Jesus, family and  friends, not stuff and more stuff.  The gift I give myself is peace.


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  1. Trena in Naperville said,

    Jesus is the reason for the season! You’re right, we should all enjoy it.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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