The Power of the Pink Purse

March 3, 2009 at 6:22 pm (Musings...)

My New Pink Purse :-)

My New Pink Purse 🙂

Okay, so we know I am a bit of a diva!  We know that I “fill my box.”  We also know that I like a bit of “bling” (not too much) and LOVE the color pink.

I enjoy watching the shopping channels just to listen to the way the host describes items in an attempt to cajole you to purchase said item. 

It was a cold February day.  I was tired.  I was sad.  I had read my Bible and mediated on the fact that God is indeed faithful and His mercies are new each morning!  I claimed His promises, but I was still cold and tired and sad. 

 I turned on QVC and they were showcasing “Kathy VanZeeland” handbags.  Kathy VanZeeland is my favorite handbag designer!!  I watched with interest as handbag after handbag was displayed, opened, twirled.   One purse caught my eye — a little crossbody bag with just enough bling for interest and it was in the color pink!!  The host assured me that, if I walked into a room with the purse on my shoulder, I would be noticed!!!

Cut to 3:00 a.m.  I couldn’t sleep because of my MS tremors and I was surfing the Internet, researching art design information and writing pithy comments on my Facebook Friends’ profiles.  I remembered that beautiful purse…  yep, I bought it!!

I walked into painting class last night with my new pink purse over my shoulder.  The wind was howling and it was about -9 with the windchill.  As I stepped into our classroom, Chris said, “Wow, you are wishing Spring was here!”  I was confused for a second until I realized that she noticed my pink purse!!!  The host was right!!! 

While I KNOW my Redeemer lives and am careful to be thankful for all of my blessings, even when I am tired and cold and sad, MY NEW PINK PURSE MAKES ME SMILE  🙂



  1. Danielle said,

    Aw, enjoy your purse! I just got a new one too, although with much less “bling”. The cross body thing works well though, when you need hands free to chase little boys, so I’m happy!

  2. Sacha said,

    hooray for the pink purse 😉 love you momma o!

  3. Steve Makofka said,

    Wow, that really makes me want a pink purse, too. I’m SURE I’d get noticed if I walked into a room with one. :>)

  4. Gail Mace said,

    So your pink purse looks almost purple on my computer…but Amanda showed me her phone picture and it really is pink……kind of makes me want one too.

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