March 10, 2009 at 3:26 pm (Musings...)

Me, Dan, Brent, Amanda

Me, Dan, Brent, Amanda

I have been making a sincere effort since January to “Practice the Presence of God.”  It was one of my 2009 goals.  The thing I am finding out is that even while I am “practicing,” life can really be falling apart around me.  I have had some good days and some really-bad-awful days, but I find I am being persistent in always going back to my Center (which is the Lord’s power).  Because He is always faithful, I must, in my human condition, be resolute in my practice of the Presence of God.

God really answered prayer yet again yesterday.  Brent’s car was leaking oil to the tune of quarts in a few days.  Danny O. has been away and once he got back, very busy.  Brent took it to a “free” diagnostic clinic at Firestone and the guy said it would cost him around $1800 to have it fixed.  Brent was unable to get in touch with our mechanic.

I had been praying a hedge of protection around his car, even as I was mentally figuring out how we were going to pay for a costly fix.  I was praying protection so the engine didn’t blow until it was fixed so the bill wouldn’t be double the $1800!

Last night Dan saw again the puddle of oil and pulled it into our garage.  The oil was free of antifreeze (a sign of a bad head gasket) so he looked further.  Brent had a small hole in his oil filter… thus the oil all over his car and our driveway!   A trip to Walmart at 10:00 p.m. and work until 1:00 a.m. and Brent’s car was fixed!! 

The Lord once again was faithful and heard my cry!  He cares about the mundane details in our life and while He doesn’t always “fix” things for us, this was a sweet relief for me!!


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