Walking With The Prayers of My Mother

March 20, 2009 at 3:46 pm (Musings...)

Brent and Amanda

Brent and Amanda

I had two prayer warriors…  My Grammy Savering and Grandpap Gay.  Grandpap was severely injured in a car accident that killed Grandma Amelia in 1969.  He spent much of the rest of his life sitting in his recliner, praying.  Grammy prayed without ceasing.  She is 92 and in an Ahlzheimer’s Unit.  The staff says she is the most pleasant lady 🙂

I felt it in my soul when my two prayer warriors no longer prayed for me.  I really mean it when I say I want to “grow up and be a prayer warrior.”    I want my children to walk through this life knowing that they have one persistant earthly advocate — me.  India.Arie’s new album has a song “Psalms 23.”  The bridge says:

No weapon armed against me shall prosper
‘Cause I’m walking with the heavenly father
And I do believe that I’m gonna prosper
‘Cause I’m walking with the prayers of my mother

I take my job as my children’s earthly advocate seriously.  While I have two biological children, Brent and Amanda, I have four more “spiritual” children–(they know who they are).  I pray for them all as I “practice the Presence of God.”


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