Butterfly Pendant

June 9, 2009 at 8:31 am (Decorative Painting)

Kayla's Butterfly Pendant

Kayla's Butterfly Pendant

One of the downfalls of being slightly loony with OCD, is that one can spend hours, even days trying to get something perfect.  I spent almost three days last week perfecting a butterfly medallion for my young friend, Kayla. 

I decided on a butterfly because of what butterflies represent — metamorphosis of a sort — going from ugly to beautiful — making good choices and living with the positives of those choices!

I sanded off nine versions of the butterfly until I got what I thought was perfect!!  My thought processes were… I wanted something simple, yet slightly bold with a graphic feel.  I googled butterflies and looked at hundreds of blue butterflies (blue for her eyes).  I found real butterflies, crocheted butterflies, tattooed butterflies (you get the picture)  🙂 

I settled for a pretty form using  three paint colors — with the background color as the shadow, because it was so tiny.  I like my finished project and I think Kayla liked it too!



  1. libby said,

    I LOVE It!!! Have you thought about selling these?! Or at least selling one to me??

  2. Sister Esther said,

    This is beautiful Mel. The bright tones on the butterfly kind of remind me of Kinkade pictures. Not sure why not an artist!

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