July 15, 2009 at 9:44 am (Musings...)

baby bird

Yesterday, at dusk, as I was reading a book, I heard a bird hit the window… again!  It wasn’t a direct hit — those usually are fatal to our feathered friends.  I looked out the dining room window and saw a baby bird on a branch.  She inched her way back and forth, forth and back on the branch.  Every once in a while she would prepare her feathers, as if to fly, but didn’t follow through with the action.  She didn’t move from the branch when I went outside to take her picture

I found myself whispering over and over, “Fly, little bird, fly.”   I was riveted to my chair as I watched her fear and indecision. 

 After what seemed a very long time, an adult bird, and I can only assume it was her mother, perched on the branch beside her and appeared to touch her with her beak.  As the mommy bird flew away, so did the baby bird.  Though her flight was tentative and crooked, she flew away!!

I realized that this short interaction was very symbolic of my life as a mom.  Both of my children are young adults.  They are making their own decisions, making their own mistakes.  I find myself wanting to carry their burdens, but I realize that they, not I, must be the ones to live with their life decisions.

I whisper, “Fly, little birds, fly.”  I encourage, “You CAN do this!”  But I can’t rescue them anymore.  They are out of the nest, on the branch, way up high!  They, alone,  must take those next steps.


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  1. zoanna said,

    I am trying to make the nest a little less comfy, if you know what I mean:).

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