My New Creative Venture… Making Jewelry

September 27, 2009 at 7:07 pm (Jewelry)

I have been waiting patiently and praying for the past four months, that the Lord would show me what else he would have me do.  “Waiting patiently” is probably too glib…  I am not patient.  But I really felt that I needed to be still so the Lord could speak to me.  I finished one adventure — 13 years of accompanying the Central Cambria High School Choir.  I wasn’t sure of my next move.
I love to paint and am learning so much as a decorative artist, but I felt I wanted something to work in conjunction with my painting.   I picked up a Bead and Button magazine at Walmart because I liked the picture on the cover 🙂
I was immediately drawn to the seed bead art, but quickly recognized that it probably was beyond my physical limitations.  But… I can still move my large arm/hand muscles.  I can bend wire! 
I gave myself a $20 a week budget and slowly bought the necessary tools.  I researched, read, practiced, researched, read, practiced… (hey, I have OCD!)  The following pictures represent my first real attempts.   I have a long way to go, but I have started a new journey!   Yay!!
My first bracelet

My first bracelet

My first "bent wire" earrings

My first "bent wire" earrings


1 Comment

  1. Lynn Hoppe said,

    Love reading your blog, am a student of Georgia Dawbon. Maybe a bit of paint on the jewlery, combining your talents, especially the orange beads, flowers etc.

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