Jenny Rebecca

October 19, 2009 at 2:50 pm (Musings...)

My Gifts, Brent and Amanda

My Gifts, Brent and Amanda

As I was praying for my children, Amanda and Brent today, I was reflecting on the antics (that’s all you can call them) of these “reality show” parents and the long-term negative impact visited on their innocent children’s lives. 

Our children are gifts from God and should be treasured.  The time they spend with us passes so quickly — foolish antics and selfish ambition have no place in our lives.

I remembered a song… Jenny Rebecca.  I believe it was originally sung by Barbra Streisand.  The choir I accompanied sang it several times and it was so poignant — I usually wept.  🙂  I found a great performance of it on youtube.

Jenny Rebecca, four days old.  How do you like the world so far?
Jenny Rebecca, four days old. What a lucky, lucky, lucky lucky girl you are.
For you have swings to be swung on; trees to be climbed up.
Days to be young on; toys you can wind up.
Grass to be lying on; sun up above.

Pillows for crying on when you’re in love.
Ponies for riding on; wind in your hair.
Slides to be sliding on; leaves in the air.
Dolls to be caring for; love to be giving.
Dreams to be daring for; long as you’re living.
Jenny Rebecca, four days old.  What a lucky, lucky, lucky lucky girl you are…


1 Comment

  1. libby said,

    ok, you made me tear up. My baby girl is getting so big already, that I am getting a little sad at the thought of her growing up!!

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