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October 22, 2009 at 8:37 pm (Decorative Painting, Jewelry)

Though I have been painting for four years, I have not sold a painting — because I’m afraid…  Afraid that my work isn’t good enough.  I’ve given some away, but it is difficult for me to paint something and be satisfied that it is worthy for someone to purchase.  However, I am painting a few things for two silent auctions.  I am being very, very brave!!

Winter Welcome

Winter Welcome

This was originally a design for a small rectangular shape — from The Decorative Painter, I think.  I re-designed it to work on a square surface — actually two slate roof tiles wired together.  I am painting another one, but I am happy with the first attempt!

My second venture, jewelry making, is moving along too.  I made a bracelet out of memory wire, but shaped and hammered the spacers.  I bought the turquoise beads at an antique store for $1.99!!  I again used a design in a magazine, but re-worked it to work with the size of beads and the spacers I made.  I am very pleased with my results!!

Memory Wire Turquoise Bracelet

Memory Wire Turquoise Bracelet



  1. sister Esther said,

    that welcome sign is great Melodye. I love the little chickadees.

  2. brownswissmomma said,

    Hi mel I did it. I signed up for a blog too. it is brownswissmomma.wordpress.com . you inspired me to try it.

  3. libby said,

    So, if I lived closer to you, we’d go into business together!!!! I would help you SELL those pieces, and it would be fabulous! I want one of those bracelets, and would gladly buy it!!!

  4. Micah said,

    Hello! I was part of the group putting on last night’s Kid Renaissance Productions fundraiser & silent auction, and I loved the welcome sign so much that I ended up winning it for myself in the auction! I love the color scheme (I’m a big fan of blue, and of dark shades in general) and there’s something about the birds that really appealed to me. Great piece!

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