My Favorite Things… Shoes

December 29, 2009 at 5:46 am (Musings...)

I have a rule in my house.  When something comes in, something must go out!  This simple edict keeps my home from becoming one of those horror hoarder houses.  It applies to everything but two things… art/jewelry supplies and shoes.  {{Hey, I made up the rule, I can make exceptions!}} 🙂

I was looking for a pair of boots, warm, not too trendy, not too old-lady-like, for this 50-year-old to wear in the snow.  It sounds easier than it looks!  Pom-poms at the end of ties, front-laced with fur up the front (I’m too old); chunky heels with easy-to-open sides (I’m not old enough); those were some of my choices.  I went to every store in the Galleria and was despairing of even finding a pair when…  Ta-Da!!!

My perfect boots!

Amanda, my darling daughter, who loves me and understands my shoe fetish bought me a pair of sophisticated slipper-like teal shoes for Christmas.

My Beautiful Teal Shoes

I cannot wait to wear them.  However, the two feet of snow outside will probably dictate that I wear them later rather than sooner!


1 Comment

  1. sister Esther said,

    just love the boots! I think they look warm and cute.

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