Silly Squirrels

January 11, 2010 at 10:44 am (Musings...)

I had a fabulous weekend !!  On Saturday I drove to Vienna, Virginia  to attend a charity event called “Helping Hands.”  It was basically 12 hours of music ~~ $5.00 cover charge.  I went to see Amanda perform a solo set with her band, Never In Denver.  Other performers included Amanda Lee, K-Prime, F.A.M.E., Manifest and Lyricks.  House of echO headlined at 9:30.  What an awesome day of music and rap.  I listened really hard to understand what the rappers were saying 🙂  (Hey, I’m old and it takes work)

The unfortunate thing was that I forgot ALL of my meds.  Don’t ask how because I don’t know !  I had to come back early yesterday so I could medicate my muscle spasms and neuralgia…  I dragged my keister home and went straight to the medicine cabinet.  My muscles were visibly spasming.  I was in pain.   However, something caught my eye and made me laugh.  I HAD to get a picture of it!!

Silly Squirrels !!



  1. Aunt Esther said,

    love it!! God gave you a gift! Took your mind off of things didn’t it!

  2. sister Esther said,

    sorry to you I am sister Esther…for a while it made you feel really young huh!

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