Snow, Snow and More Snow!

February 9, 2010 at 7:17 pm (Decorative Painting, Jewelry)

Psalm 139 ~~ still in progress

We just keep getting snow ~~ more and more of it!  I would post a picture of all of our snow, but quite honestly, I’d have to go outside and take the picture.  It isn’t as pretty as it was in December.  I’m waiting for Spring!

What I have been doing is painting and making jewelry. My decorative art piece is still a work in progress (notice the tape marking the border). I wrote the complete chapter of Psalm 139 as a background for the tulips.  I need to refine the tulips — make the back petals recede into the painting and finish the leaves.  I’m so excited to finish this piece!

I also have some beautifully colorful beads I am just itching to make into a bracelet.  I am still working on the design, but I think it will be a multi-strand memory-wire bracelet… These are my inspiration beads

Beads waiting to be made into a bracelet 🙂

My TN is not good today.  I’ve had to deal with sharp, electric-type shocks through my jaw.  It has exhausted me.  Tomorrow, though is another day… new day, new grace, new mercies 🙂


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