Duncan Hines Cupcakes ~~ A Great Idea!

February 10, 2010 at 9:56 am (Product Reviews)

12-15 cupcake box mix 🙂

I use Duncan Hines box cake mixes for my cakes.  The moisture can’t be duplicated in a “from scratch” cake.  However, I often add something to make the box mix unique to me.  When I make a chocolate cake, I use cold coffee for the water and always add a few tablespoons of instant coffee for depth of flavor. 

Since darling DannyO and I are now the only people living in our house, making a big cake really doesn’t make sense ~~ I end up eating most of the cake.  I accidently bought a cupcake box mix.  

I was hungry for chocolate, so I scrounged through my pantry for SOMETHING chocolate.  What a wonderful surprise!  It made 15 cupcakes, just enough for DanO and I to enjoy, but without the extra servings that go directly to my hips 🙂 .

While I cannot tell you how much I paid for this box (makes 9″ cake)  in relation to a full 9×13 cake mix, for Dan and I, it is just perfect!!



  1. libby said,

    I said, “huh, I have never seen this before!” I am going to have to look over the baking aisle to see if this is sold in our area =) I LOVE baking, and had to make some cookies (and two cakes) this week while snowed in!
    Love you

  2. Aunt Esther said,

    I bought one of them by mistake once. I had to buy a regular size one to go with it! I usually have to make 2 regular size boxes for my clan. I will have to try the coffee. I’ll bet that does make it taste richer.

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