Okay, so I’m I’m Having Brain Surgery

March 5, 2010 at 6:38 pm (MVD)

I had an MRI in December and thought all was well.  I knew I had pain on the right side of my face ~~ terrible pain.  I also have facial spasms.  When I went to see my family doctor, he said that I needed to see Dr. Bowles.  I told DannyO he didn’t have to go with me, because I knew I probably would just have to schedule a biopsy for my glioma.

You know how you are sometimes sick, but when you go to the doctor, you are fine and he asks, “Why are you here?”  That has happened to me before, so I asked the Lord to please present the symptoms to the doctor in such a way that the path would be clear regarding what needed to be done.  I was praying, assuming it was a glioma thing.

The waiting room was very hot.  I can control my body when there are no stressers.  Well… I started to tremor and my face started to spasm.  By the time I saw the doctor, I was a mess and I couldn’t rein any of it back!! 

He recommended that I have microvascular decompression surgery (MVD).  It is scheduled for Monday, March 15, 2010.   http://www.mayfieldclinic.com/PE-MVD.htm

If not now, when?  That was the question I asked myself.  I am so dependent on drugs to control my pain that it scares me.  The facial spasms come and go, but I have difficulty opening my eye in the morning.  What if I someday can’t open my eye? 

I met everyone who is touching my brain.  There are no interns and students involved.  Just Dr. Bowles, his assistant, the PA (who I know ).  I will be in intensive care for 24 hours.  I will be in the hospital for 3-4 more days.  The assistant said that on a scale of 1-10 on the brain surgery scale, this is a 3.

I am trusting that I will walk through to the other side effortlessly.  At least, with the ease of someone who has had their skull opened!  🙂  After all, I did ask the Lord to present my symptoms.  He delivered. 

I am now making a list of everything I must get done in the next week.  That includes three doctor appointments and some pre-op testing!  I need a few sets of pajamas, some books, the windows need cleaned, my snowmen need taken down, our taxes need done … Whew, I’d better get busy!

This is a new path… we will have to see where it leads



  1. Danielle said,

    Melodye, I will be praying for you! For peace for you and skill for the doctors! May this surgery be easy and do what it’s supposed to do to deliver you from your current spasms.

  2. Kristin said,

    Wow..I’m definitely praying for you! Hopefully this will bring some relief to your pain.

  3. Sandy (Johnson) Croyle said,

    Melody, found your blog by accident and I wanted to tell you how good it made me feel. I love reading about your painting, jewlery(you are sooo talented you should sell these pieces they are absolutaly beautiful) you are a true artist. I am sitting at home with the worst cold of my life and that is when I found your blog. I will keep you in my prayers I know prayer is a powerfull thing and it can work wonders for us. Take care and trust in the Lord he is so amazing as I am sure you know. Sandy

    • melodyejoy said,

      Danielle, Kristin, Sandy, I covet your prayers! Thank you so much!

      Sandy, I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will shine and make you smile 🙂

  4. Martha said,

    I found you after you commented on my picture (5 days post op) on the TN site.

    I am keeping you in prayer. I’m interested in how quickly they suggested surgery. But you know.. I’d do it again if I were experiencing those awful pains. The medications you take to help ease the pain just ruins you as a person.

    Please feel free to contact me if you want. DM me of twitter (I’m following you now http://www.Twitter.com/SwitchingGranny I’ll gladly help in anyway I can. God bless you dear.

    Also have you seen the hemofacial spasm site? Great diary’s with pictures of people who have had MVD’s for hemo facial spasms. (which you said you have too right?

    Here is the link:

    http://www.hfs-assn.org/ Check out the MVD diary’s.. I found a lot of help there.


    Martha from Indiana PS where are you from

  5. Martha said,

    PS feel free to e-mail me.. I forget to check the TN site.. and I so want to encourage you. God Bless my friend

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