Super Sister Saturday

March 6, 2010 at 11:15 pm (Musings...)

I have four sisters.  For 10 years it was difficult to get all five of us in the same state at the same time!  It seemed we could never coordinate our busy lives to meet.  Last year we met at my house for an afternoon of fun and fellowship.  This year we planned to drive to Debbie’s house in Maryland for our afternoon gab session.

Heather was driving from Marienville, meeting me and I was driving to Deb’s.  Heather’s car (actually her son’s car) 🙂 broke down in Punxsutawney ~~ the transmission broke.  She texted me and told me to go on ahead without her.  That wasn’t an option!  Esther is the best planner in the world (even though I am Mother Melodye) so i called her and we worked out a plan.   As an aside, I think Esther is the best planner because she has 8 kids, a farm, a garden… you get the picture.  Just thinking about her life exhausts me!!

Debbie drove up to Richland, Heather’s hubby picked her up and brought her to my house ~~ as the Mustang was being towed back to Marienville.  We met at Ryan’s.  What a great buffet!  The waitress took our picture.  We then moved our little party to the food court at the Galleria.  I know that doesn’t sound glamorous, but we didn’t need anything fancy.  We just needed five chairs…

What fun!  We laughed, cried, listened, even argued a bit.  Hey, you can’t get five BIG personalities in the same room without a little argument!  Mom and Dad always said we could express how we felt, but needed to say it nicely!

I love each of my sisters.  We each have a different life, a unique story to tell.  Our memories, though, meld us together ~~ each separate, yet joined. 

Thank you Sue, Deb, Esther and Heather for loving me.  I was and always will be “Mother Melodye.”  Sue will always get the “feeling” to get out of dishes.  Debbie’s laugh is one of my favorite sounds!   Esther just is so accepting of all circumstances.  Heather tells a story like no other! 

Heather, Esther, Me, Susie, Debbie

It was indeed a Super Sister Saturday ~~ or a “Sisters’ Thing,” Heather’s official name for our day 🙂


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