MVD ~~ Part 1

March 22, 2010 at 9:15 am (MVD)

I will attempt, over the next several days to transcribe what my thoughts were this past week.  Much of it is “chicken scratch” so I hope I can ‘cifer it!!

March 14, 2010

Spent the day very restless.  Made sure the bills were paid, called my kids and told them they were the “best thing that ever happened to me.”  Sat with DannyO on Sunday evening and watched Erin Brockovich (she was one brave lady!).

March 15, 2010

MVD surgery is scheduled.  Got up at 4:30 and washed my hair with anti-bacterial soap and dried it well.  Left for the hospital at 5:30.  While Dan drove, I texted my kids…”I love you more than you know.  Talk to you soon ❤ Mom.”

Got through the doors at 6:00 and was  immediately sent up to the 6th floor.  Quick work was made of my clothes.  They added a stunning pair of white support stockings to my wardrobe.  I kissed Dan, told him I loved him and they whisked me away to the MRI room.  Dr. Bowles drew on my face, positioned electrodes around my forehead and shaved a portion of my hair behind my right ear.  The MRI with and without contrast took 20 minutes.  I was then wheeled to the OR staging area.  I was given some happy juice and asked if there was a possibility I could be pregnant.  I retorted, “I don’t have a uterus!”  They wheeled me into a large room with big over-head lights…the last thing I remember…

In the interest of making these readible, I will break my story into about five pieces.


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  1. Brian said,


    I couldn’t miss the “cross” in your stitches…see, even when you were our, God was there. Yeah, kinda corney way to think about it, but cool image.


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