MVD ~~ Part 3: Psycho Lady and Meeting Patrick

March 27, 2010 at 2:03 am (MVD)

I am going to skip right over the passing out while pooping part of my recovery.  I will merely be succinct and say that I needed to go, I tried, stood up and the next thing I knew, four people were looking down at me as I layed on the bathroom floor.  Not one of my classier moments.  To add insult to injury, they put me on bed alarm, meaning if I took 1/2 of my body’s weight off of the bed a very loud alarm sounded!!  

Then in the middle of the night I got a psycho roommate who had decided that the louder she groaned, the more pain meds she would get.   Apparently she wasn’t new to the nurses and they weren’t giving her meds.  That didn’t stop her from ringing her nurses’ bell every 10 minutes.  Her other earth-shattering problem was that she wanted a private room and was “claustrophobic” in a room with someone else.  (As you can imagine, our tax dollars are paying for psycho lady).   I finally rang the nurse, apologized and said, “I know I have taken all of my sleep aids. What else can I take?”  She said, “You are due for a percocet.”  I replied, “Give me as many as you can.”  I slept fitfully for 3 hours. 

One more psycho lady story…  She whined (actually that’s the only way she knew how to talk) that she didn’t have a room service menu.  I lent her mine and she ordered breakfast.  I didn’t listen to her order, but when it came an hour later she marched right over to her phone, pressed the room service button and said (I kid you not), “I ordered four slices of toast with four butter containers.  There is only two pieces of toast and one butter container!!!

I begged Todd to let me go home, even though I threw up after moving around.  I promised him that Amanda would be staying with me.  I said, though, that if he would make me stay, I wanted another room.   While I waited outside of my room, in a soft chair in the sunlight, away from psycho-whining lady, the cleaning lady graciously brought my Bible and books out to me.  I was just sitting, breathing prayer, soaking in the sunlight and a man came and sat beside me.

His name was Patrick.  I think he was younger than he appeared.  He had inoperable lung cancer and they were radiating tumors on his brain.  He had been in the hospital for one month.  He had two sisters and some nieces and nephews but was for the most part, alone.  We talked.  He told me about his hard life (he did carpentry work).  He had a note paper to write things down as the brain tumors had effected his memory.  I told him about my DannyO and wonderful children.  I would imagine we talked 20 minutes or so and the Holy Spirit said in a whisper “pray with him.”  I am ashamed to say that I have never prayed with a stranger in my life, except on OB as a teenager. 

I said, “Patrick, could I pray for you?”  He said, “Sure.”  I said, “I have to take your hand.”  With his work-weary worn hand in mine, I began to pray for Patrick,  I prayed that he would have peace as he went through these difficult procedures.  I prayed that his family would bless him.  I also prayed that, if he didn’t know Jesus as his personal Savior, that he would ask Jesus into his heart.  That way he would absolutely know where he would go after death.  I told Jesus that I wanted Patrick to know that I loved him and would pray for him even as I left the hospital.

When I was finished, two tears streamed down his face.  He is facing certain death and he knows it.  I pray for Patrick even now that the Lord will send someone to him… perhaps even me when I get my strength back. 

God’s love is unmeasurable.  It reaches as far as it needs to go to meet a sinner where he/she is.  THAT is LOVE!

I am a changed woman as a result of my encounter with Patrick.  I need to be bold and listen to the Holy Spirit.  I need not be timid when it comes to sharing my faith.



  1. Danielle said,

    Wow Melodye, that’s awesome that you got out of your comfort zone and prayed for Patrick at the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Your example bolsters my own faith for doing something like that!

  2. Zoanna said,

    Melodye, I have been praying for you as I’ve read your blog more lately. What a powerful witness you were. I pray you will have another opportunity to pray with Patrick and find out where he is spiritually. I’m sure it will strengthen you just to see God use you in your weakness.

  3. Brian said,

    Wow! What a God moment you shared. With Jeaux being a Hospice Chaplain and I volunteering when I can, this is something that often happens, moments to treasure the presence of the Holy Spirit. I know we often wonder why some things happen, especially when we are facing medical difficulties etc. Maybe one big reason you were where you were right then was for you to share your faith, your heart, and God’s amazing love with Patrick. We see so many who are alone as they face terminal illness and it is sad. God certainly brightened Patrick’s day and yours as well as you basked in the light if the SON on that day. If you read Matthew 10:32, it should comfort you to know that Jesus promises to acknowledge you because you acknowledged him, but of course you have done that for a long time. I am joyful that you know well the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is a voice and presence like no other. Peace be with you Mel.

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