Mrs. P and The Button Clip-On Earrings

July 30, 2010 at 9:31 pm (Jewelry, Musings...)

I know this amazing lady.  She is my sister, Esther’s mother-in-law.   I call her Mrs. P.  She is 84 or 85, and has an amazing amount of energy and zest for life.

Mrs. P and Ian

I had a great conversation with her at Caleb’s graduation party.  She was admiring my bracelet and I explained that I made it and was looking for vintage clip-on earrings to make more.   You know how some people say they are going to do something, but don’t really mean it??  If Mrs. P says it, she intends to do it.  Our conversation took place on Sunday.  Today I got a call from her and she asked me to stop over at her house.  She had a tray full of earrings for me.  They are varied and all beautiful.  The first bracelet I am going to make is for Mrs. P. ~~ gunmetal gray and white. 

Me, a pretty bunny, and my latest jewelry creation ~~ the bracelet 🙂


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