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January 10, 2011 at 6:27 pm (Musings...)

I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge, but I’m glad Christmas is over.  This holiday celebrates Jesus’ birth.   Our tree was beautiful, Christmas Day was so much fun ~~ I will blog my Peach French Toast recipe another day (our tradition!).  However, I do not like the clutter that IS Christmas.   The day we put our tree up, darling DannyO and I decided to switch rooms.  We moved the TV room to a warmer place in the house.  The 20-window room, which can get cold, is now my office/music room.  Yesterday the last of the decorations were taken down and we took the 12-foot tree out the front door.  Today I cleaned… and cleaned… and cleaned…  My house is happy.  It can breathe!

My New Office


A View From The Balcony

The piano is against the stairway wall.  Ignore the pink chair.  I will be covering that in a shade of carmel corduroy or shantung in the near future.  I am using my Grandma Amelia’s kitchen table as a desk.  I am surrounded by light and peace in this room ~~ even though it gets rather cold in the dead of winter!

A view from the doorway


Darling DannyO's Man Chair

We have crammed some big furniture into a small room, but it is a happy room 🙂 .  Dan hung my primitive green shelf and we are surrounded by photos and artwork (some by me!)

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