Pink Popcorn

January 11, 2011 at 1:36 pm (Musings...)

A am a sugar addict.  There!!  I’ve said it!!  I control my weight by eating very badly, in that I count calories, not food groups.  So, if I decide to have an ice cream cone for lunch… that is my lunch!!  Hey, my kids are grown up and living away from home so I don’t have to make sure they have “balanced” meals.  I blame my addiction on my mother.  Doesn’t everyone blame somebody?? 🙂  Seriously, my mother used to buy candy and hide it.  Our goal was to find it!  Debbie was the absolute best candy-finder!! 

This pink and white popcorn is one of my  guilty Christmas pleasures.  It is only available this time of year.  I picked up the last bag of the season.  Guess what I’m having for lunch???


1 Comment

  1. Carol Jean Young said,

    Love it, Melodye. I swear, you and I are a lot alike. 🙂

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