100 Things

January 19, 2011 at 5:04 pm (Musings...)

My young blogging friend, Tabitha Studer (see her blog link, Team Studer in my blogroll) made a list of 100 thing that made her happy/that she loved.  I took the challenge.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t that easy!  I came up with the first 25 or so immediately, but I needed to become very reflective, very introspective to come up  with the remaining 75.  I spent 24 hours with my journal by my side and as I thought of things, I wrote them down.   Here is my list.  Except for the top 10, they are in no particular order.   I have a new appreciation for what TRULY makes me happy.  I am indeed blessed.

  1. My salvation
  2. Darling DannyO
  3. Precious Amanda
  4. My boy, Brent Daniel
  5. My MacArthur study Bible
  6. Sewing Machines
  7. Watching the birds at their feeder
  8. Coffee
  9. My painting book library
  10. Silver wire
  11. a happy room painted yellow
  12. Tess … (and crabby Max)
  13. Ice Cream
  14. Juel’s great advice
  15. a warm wood fire
  16. ESPN
  17. my creative brain that never shuts off
  18. Sunday Soup
  19. Heather Jill
  20. Daddy’s voice
  21. my piano
  22. fun red hair highlights 🙂
  23. Shopping … with the click of a mouse
  24. Amanda’s singing
  25. naps
  26. water with lemon
  27. watching football
  28. my Ipod
  29. Bath & Bodyworks lemongrass sage lotion
  30. dark chocolate
  31. lunch with Jana
  32. the smell of a pumpkin spice candle
  33. apricot roll
  34. my “Shark” steam cleaner
  35. rehearsing EBC’s contemporary choir
  36. “Creative Souls/No Rules” Monday nights
  37. supper with Dave, Shelly, Mark, Debbie and darling DannyO
  38. TJ Maxx
  39. Spanx
  40. the color of the sun filtering through autumn’s leaves
  41. Grandma Amelia’s rose bush
  42. the way Brent says, “Hey Mom!”
  43. Amanda’s hugs
  44. tomato soup
  45. a fresh tomato sandwich
  46. shoes ~~ any will do 🙂
  47. my teapot collection
  48. old photographs
  49. my new laptop
  50. remembering Grammy’s “it be otay” phrase
  51. my prayer journal
  52. EBC
  53. singing 🙂
  54. NCIS
  55. cousin Mikey’s niagara wine
  56. loaded baked potatoes
  57. a hot, hot shower
  58. Pilates
  59. eating supper while watching TV with darling DannyO
  60. anything  pink
  61. a little bling
  62. a garage door opener that works!
  63. Allrecipes.com
  64. a sparkly, clean house
  65. tapioca pudding
  66. the warmth of a down comforter
  67. Marlene’s pizza
  68. watching a snowstorm
  69. lists
  70. playing the piano while Amanda sings
  71. getting a package
  72. rummaging through a goodwill store
  73. the scent of the air after a summer rain
  74. a sweet tangerine
  75. pumpkin pie
  76. my art studio
  77. morning sunlight streaming through clean windows
  78. sleeping in
  79. the E-trade baby commercials
  80. pink popcorn
  81. no clutter
  82. balancing our checkbook to the penny
  83. NASCAR, baby!
  84. the snowflake necklace my Momma gave me
  85. Judge Judy
  86. meandering through a fabric store
  87. reading the last few pages of a book ~~ first
  88. Psalm 139
  89. snow tires
  90. Sheetz wild berry smoothie
  91. HD
  92. my dishwasher
  93. Mally’s eyebrow tamer
  94. my snowman collection
  95. eyes working together (literally)
  96. Big Bang Theory (TV show)
  97. soft, thick socks
  98. a great neurosurgeon 🙂
  99. my fabric collection
  100. painting

1 Comment

  1. Tabitha said,

    great list! I could add some of yours to my list (fresh tomato sandwich, mmmm) And even though I don’t know what “creative souls/no rules monday nights” is, it sounds amazing

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