My Living Room Drapes ~ Cheapskate style!

January 21, 2011 at 12:50 pm (Sewing Projects)

I have blogged before about the coldness of our living room.  We moved the TV to a smaller, warmer room.  It will take thousands of dollars to replace all 20 windows, which have lost most of their R-factor!  I am also a miser, well, except for buying shoes, but that is a blog for another time 🙂  I priced window treatments for the 10 lower windows, triple-lined, 95″ long panels.  The price was, well, in the high hundreds!  The problem with making the drapes from scratch is the fabric, for the three layers is also cost-prohibitive. 

Enter my creative brain and sewing skills.  I purchased 5, 84″ triple-lined ivory panels at Big Lots for $15.00 each.  I purchased two more unlined 84″ panels in an ocean blue color with a lattice-type pattern stitched into the drape for $12.00 each.  I took apart all the hems in the ivory panels and the hem and side-seams in the blue panels.  I cut the blue panels into 28″ pieces, marked the ivory panels 71″ down and attached the blue panels.  $100.00, two days, 8 hours, three naps, 5 eye breaks later, VOILA!! 

Now I must add a lining to the bottom of each panel, but I plan to simply use hem-tape… maybe next week.  I can already feel the difference!  We will see how they work this weekend… temperatures are supposed to get into the single digits!

The pile of drapes -- deconstructed!

~~ All Finished ~~

 I wish I had the $$ to purchase beautiful, custom drapes, but there is something so satisfying about using my creativity and skills to make something beautiful… and they ARE beautiful!



  1. Zoanna said,

    Bravo! What a wonderful job, Melodye. I’ve enjoyed making many an item around here, especially when they turn out looking more expensive than they were!

  2. brownswissmomma said,

    I like like this 🙂

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