February Stay-Cation

February 26, 2011 at 12:12 pm (Stay-cation 2011)

DannyO and his brothers left early this morning for their annual golf trip to South Carolina.  This is the first time in 14 years that I haven’t had a child or a dog to take care of while he is gone.  (Crabby Max doesn’t count).  I have decided (as I laid in bed this morning) to take a stay-cation.  Because it is cold and snowy outside, I am not leaving the house unless I have to (church, rehearsals, voice lesson).   I am drinking as much coffee as I want to, reading, surfing the “Net,” napping.  I also want to work on some design projects and do some in-depth Bible study.

If it was July, I’d go rummage through some antique stores but it is cold outside.  I am really into staying warm…

I am going to, because I don’t have anywhere to go, really, take some of the meds I have to hopefully help my back (the meds are of the “take and don’t drive” variety.).

DannyO took the camera so I will have to document my week with my cell phone camera.

Coffee, Book, laptop 🙂


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