Design Inspirations — Stay-cation, Day 2

February 27, 2011 at 12:03 pm (Stay-cation 2011)

I am on Stay-cation, Day 2.  Hermit that I am, I’ve got all my supplies and am chillin’ and resting my back… but my mind is working overtime!!

As I told one of my Twitter buddies, Design*Sponge , I’m in a design rut.  I have been looking on-line for the latest trends.  The “latest” seems to be minimalist and muted.  I like color!

I thought what I would do is photograph my favorite individual pieces already in my home and figure out what I want to do with our home design going forward.  Remember now, darling DannyO has my camera so these pictures are being taken with my cell phone 🙂

A "broadleaf" ceramic vase that was my Grammy's

"Primitive" cabinet in our dining room

Originally a gas light, this was in my Grandma Amelia's music room.

A happy teapot DannyO gave me

A colorful old wool blanket ~~ felted from years of washing

A breadbox I painted a few years ago ~~ another happy piece 🙂

Beautiful purple textured fabric I bought... well... because I loved it!

Beautiful toile fabric I bought on e-bay many years ago... because I loved it 🙂

A lamp I bought a Big Lots. I love the design on the shade.

One of my designs ~~ happy and colorful

What I appreciate about the minimalist look is that it conveys a serene feeling.  However, I like a happy feeling.  To me, happy means, color… color, not clutter.  I think the first thing I need to do is to edit some of my collections.  I don’t have to have every piece out all the time.  Darling DannyO doesn’t realize that he is going to have some work to do when he gets home ~~ I need help to paint.  Room-by-room, we will lighten (by editing) and brighten  (by painting).  I will use some of my extensive fabric collection to add pops of color.

See, a stay-cation clears the mind 🙂  AND creates work!


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