Barely Hanging On

March 9, 2011 at 3:55 pm (Jewelry, Multiple Sclerosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia)

It is raining, snowing, sleeting outside.  I am sitting with a heated rice bag on my back.  I have deep muscle aches and spasms.  It is 2:30 and I finally took a pain pill.  I know I should take the meds earlier in the day, but I don’t want to become dependent on them.  Some days are better than others and I don’t want to take a drug unless I truly need it ~~ today I truly do!

I couldn’t bring myself to step on to my elliptical or pilates machines even though I know that it is something I absolutely need to do ~~ maybe tomorrow.

I DID, however, balance my checkbook and start to work on a bracelet for darling Amanda, using a vintage pin as the focal point.

Bracelet in phase #1

I absolutely know that tomorrow is another day.  I have accomplished as much as I can today… God is good…


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  1. Nancy said,

    the bracelet is beautiful, Mel! Unite your pain and suffering with His and I promise it will not go unnoticed by our Savior. This is your work for the day. His will not mine.
    I know this is difficult.

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