Lists, lIsts, liSts, lisTs, listS, LISTS

May 5, 2011 at 10:56 am (Musings...)

I had 15 minutes of pure unadulterated panic this morning.  The book that I keep my list(s) in was missing.  I mean I really panicked!!  I searched, retraced my steps of last evening until they took me back to the couch crevice into which it had slipped.  (I know that last sentence is grammatically incorrect, but I’m still too flummoxed to care).

My kids can understand because they lived through it for all of their years at home.  I ordered their lives, all of our lives, with lists.  I simply cannot function without a list.  Some days my lists are very complicated, other days they are simple.  I usually write the day and date, my weight (that’s how I keep it under control).  Always first on my list is “Bible/pray” and “Pilates.”  The rest of the list depends on what I need to get done.  As you can see by the picture, this is how many “list” books I could get my hands on in 3 minutes.

My "list" books 🙂

I have many more in storage.  Amanda and Brent will have a fun time reading through them (or not) when I die.  I found my list book, {{Whew!!}} I must get moving!!



  1. Danielle said,

    You sound like me with my lists!

  2. Dawn Savering said,

    HaHa I don’t have a book of lists but I have slips of paper and post-it notes EVERYWHERE. I have noticed that the older I get that I tend to forget things. Worse now that I work in the law firm and I have so much on my mind concerning work even when I leave the office. Then I have to think of what I should fix for dinner, what we might need that I have to stop at the store for, what the kids needs for school, etc…way too much to try and remember.

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