Always Moving Forward…

June 6, 2011 at 1:09 pm (Musings..., Sewing Projects)

My TN is back with a vengeance. I was on neurontin, but it made me crazy (not to mention that I gained 12 pounds in 7-8 weeks). My family doctor took me off of it. Now I have to let it work out of my system and make an effort to crawl out of the mental hole I am in. This weekend, DannyO and I drove to Virginia to our nephew’s graduation party. Actually Dan drove, I rode 🙂 We took the Echo, aka “The Green Hornet.” We got 41 miles to a gallon of gas. Yay!! On Sunday we drove to a jazz festival that Amanda’s group, Never In Denver sang at. Of course, I forgot the camera…

Before the jazz festival, Amanda and I went to DSW, which is heaven on earth to me. She bought me a darling pair of “Big Buddha” mary janes.

Mary Jane shoes are my favorite!

Last week, as I was struggling, I made myself work on a purse. It took most of my energy to simply turn on the sewing machine. I used vintage fabrics (the solid pink is from a circa 1960 dress and the floral fabric is of 1980’s vibe). I found the pin at The High Street Emporium in Ebensburg. I did finish it and I am very pleased with the results!

I love pink

I make a real effort to move in a forward direction. Sometimes a bit sideways, but always forward, always forward!


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