Pin… Pinned… Pinner… Pinning… Pinterest

July 31, 2011 at 3:26 pm (Musings...)

I have a new obsession… Pinning. What I love about it is I can see something I really like, whether it is a creative idea, fashion, sayings… all I do is capture the picture on my “pinboard” and I have the link forever! I have a “dream kitchen” board, a “vintage fashion” board, an “Amanda’s wedding” board, a “shoes, shoes, shoes” board, and an “anything pink” (my favorite color) board. This is a picture of one of my “pins.” They are a pair of shoes I could never afford, but they make me smile 🙂

My "Pins"

This made me LOL

I pin vintage patterns, creative ideas, recipes, fashion. You name it, if I love it, I pin it!… Amanda and I are sharing ideas for her wedding through Pinterest. Actually, my Pinboards are a snapshot of who I am, sans, my family and Jesus 🙂

See what you think!! My Pinterest Home Page.


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  1. Claire said,

    What a nice idea! I love that cartoon too. 😉

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