September 16, 2011 at 9:52 am (Musings...)

Where has the time gone?? I haven’t blogged one time in September. I will sum up the first fourteen days… I turned 52 on the 7th, I had a trigeminal neuralgia attack on the 10th that was so severe it lasted two days. I have about 150 pieces of my 1,000 piece puzzle put together. (I should have picked a 100-piece puzzle!) I found a great new neurologist, Dr. Clark. He is going to work with me to help manage my disabilities (there, I said it ~~ I have disabilities) 😦 Everything else is the boring stuff that our lives are usually made of… and that’s good!

I have had some desperate days managing pain. Pain is difficult to keep ahead of because once it takes hold it likes to stay. I do not like to take pain meds as habit so it seems I am always behind the proverbial 8-ball.

During one of my desperate days, where I couldn’t put my head anywhere to stop it from hurting I picked up a pencil and pad and began to draw… I will tell you that I am NOT a draw-er. However, coming from the tip of my pencil was a beautiful girl I named “Millie.” I turned the page and drew again… she was still there… again… again… every picture was a close resemblance of my original picture. Wow, who knew?? I don’t know what part Millie will play in my life, but I like her. She is brave. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She loves the color pink, shoes, and lip gloss. Sometimes she likes to sing really loud!!


Refining Millie


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